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Re: Compressing Lists-Archives

Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

> Could you folks please consider uncompressing those announcement
> lists like:
> 	debian-announce
> 	debian-news
> 	debian-devel-announce
> 	debian-security-announce

ok, I did that.

We're a fairly loquacious bunch, having generated 1.3 GB of list
archives through the years.  debian-user is averaging around 135
messages/day so far this year.

It looks like I can save about 95 MB, not too insignificant, by
compressing debian-changes and debian-devel-changes from 1998.  Old
postings from those lists aren't too interesting.  Does anybody have
any problems with that?  I wanted to ask before I did it because
undoing is expensive, bandwidth wise.

Compressing a list brings it down to about 1/8 the size, which is good
as it means we probably don't ever need to outright delete archives.
We can always compress to save space.


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