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Leaving for three months

        I will be leaving the project for three months since I will be
        joining military service this september. I have, however,
        left all the todo work for the spanish translations (both
        contributions to the DDP and the web server translation).

        To two new coordinators that will, hopefully, do a better
        work than I did. They will be probably be soon introducing
        themselves on this same list, their names are in the
        not-yet-tranlsanted Spanish internationalization web page

        I will give them access to the CVS server of the web server
        and they will surely request also access to the DDP CVS
        server (I will not give them my password since it was
        personal and not group-wise).

        I only wanted to say "See you soon" all and hope that when
        I get back I see Debian grow stronger than ever.
        Best wishes

        Javier Fernández-Sanguino

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