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web access to package copyright, changlogs, etc.[was Re: libc6 changelog empty]

Perhaps the space/time/work requirements make it 
inadvisable, but it's nice to be able to investigate 
a release's packages from any web browser, even from 
a different release or from a non-debian system.  

Being able to view a package's "control" file (or 
information extracted from it) would make it easier 
to answer questions like "if I decide to install 
this package will I have to remove something else"?
If we're doing related work anyway, I think we should
consider it.  

So, who's doing the work on this (improved availability
and timeliness of changelogs, etc.), and how can I

"James A. Treacy" wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 03:06:02AM +0000, David Coe wrote:
> >
> > Nice idea.  It would be nice (in my opinion) to have the
> > debian/control files available that way, too (because
> > the Conflicts: apparently don't show up on the package's
> > web page).
> Can you tell me why this information should be on the page?
> This is handled much better by the packaging management
> tools that come with Debian. Also, only a few people are
> interested in that information. I'd rather keep the
> pages as short and simple as possible so newbies aren't
> intimidated. BTW, the pages already take up 15MB.
> If you want to help with the web site, subscribe to
> debian-www and see what's going on.

I'm here; thanks.

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