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Notifying readers when documents are too old

	Currently, we have a method (although not enforce) in order to check
if translations is out of date... this method is REALLY useful for
translators to check which pages are in need of revision, but I think that
we should also help our users using this method.
	I'm currently the coordinator of the translation of the web server
into spanish, but I will be off on September for three months and fear that
the spanish translation will be far behind the main server (I will try to
get a new maintainer but it might not happen).

	Alas, I do not want spanish readers to think that Debian web server
is way out of date and we have a mean of notifying them: use the same method
as we use.
	Add in the style sheet a perl program that cheks if the current file
is too old (maybe 5 or 10 version behind) and, before the page title show a
message saying "These version of the translation is not up-to-date, please
check the main server page for the latest version" (of course, in the user's
language, using tags :)

	¿What do you think of this? I am working with wml now, and could try
to do this but I want to know if there are others more knowledgeable that
myself who could do this sooner.

	This kind of things would benefit our users of coordinators, like
myself, that have not enough time to keep all pages up to date.


	Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña

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