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Re: Suggestion: event pages

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, peter karlsson wrote:

> On the event pages, it would be a good idea if the main "Events in <year>"
> would be links to the year indices. As of now, the index for 2000 is not
> linked at all, since there are no past events for 2000 (obviously).

I'm not exactly sure I understand what you're talking about.  Do you mean
having the Events page consist of:
The general paragraph introduction.

Link: Events in 2000
Link: Events in 1999
Link: Events in 1998
With out any individual event summary.

I've thought about this.  What prevents me from doing it is that According
to the feedback I get from each booth manager things need to be planned at
least 6 months in advance.  Therefore I am hesitant from hiding anything
that happens in the future.  More people see it and more people think
about becoming involved.

This problem has vexed me since I started adding events for 2000.  

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