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Re: [Fwd: New translation: India]

On Thu, Jul 29, 1999 at 07:14:54AM -0400, Behan Webster wrote:
> Oops.  I didn't send this to the list like I meant too...
> Ok, I have found countries.wml and I have added India to it.  It seems
> there are a few more languages translated in that file than in the
> counsultants.data file.  8)
> Now, how do I use this?  I tires just putting "#use
> wml::debian::countries" at the top of consultant.wml, but that doesn't
> seem to work.  If I do that and delete all my translations of the
> country names, I get no country's names at all when I run make...
> Any ideas?
Order matters. The changes I committed worked fine, once I fixed
the slice in consultants.wml that wasn't closed.

Jay Treacy

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