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Re: upstream concerns

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 02:51:54PM +0200, Francesco Tapparo wrote:
> I'm maintaining scwm; Greg Badros, an upstream author, contacted me about
> the page http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/pa/lscwm.html. This page is a bit
> misleading:
> "Maintainer for scwm is Francesco Tapparo <cesco@debian.org>. "
> He would like better something as:
> "Scwm is written by Greg J. Badros and Maciej Stachowiak.
>  Scwm's home web site is:  scwm.mit.edu.
>  The maintainer for the Debian scwm package is Francesco Tapparo..."
> and links to the upstream scwm page.
> I agree with Greg. So I think would be very useful if the script generating
> the pages would be updated to properly use an "Upstream Maintainer/s" and an
> "Upstream Web Page" fields in the packages.
> Is this feasible or it's hard? I'm not sure I've the needed skillful for 
> the job (I do'nt master html), but I can try.

There is no Upstream anything in packages.. atleast not normally.  There
has been talk about adding those tag lines but nothing has ever been

The other thought.. the bug pages were not designed for giving out that
sort of information.  If a person wants to know, they can (and should) go
to the copyright file in /usr/doc.. that's what the file is for.  It might
be possible to make a small change: say "Debian Maintainer for..." instead.

The final problem is who "owns" the BTS output.  It's
owner@bugs.debian.org.  The WWW people have little control over the BTS.
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