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Re: bad urls in Debian pages - please check your section

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, James A. Treacy wrote:
> then don't worry about it.
> > > Looking into http://localhost/events/1999/0918-mednet 
> > >   http://localhost/events/1999/mednetemail.txt : error 404 Not Found
> > 
> > Fixed this yesturday.  The file disappeared from the server.  I called
> > Scully, she told me to call Mulder.  Mulder said something about moth men
> > riding on the backs of seamonsters and hung up.
> > 
> Was the mednetemail.txt does not appear to be in CVS. Also, if you
> want to add files to the site you need to make sure they will be installed.
> The Makefile only installs the .html files and a number of graphic formats.

I wanted to be completely open with everybody as to the information I get.
They emailed us so I thought it would be nice to paste the email they
sent.  This is the only time I did it.  Something more intuitive is
needed, I'm not sure what.

> > > Looking into http://localhost/events/1998/1218-japanexpo 
> > >   http://localhost/events/1998/1218-japanexpo.hr.html : error 404 Not Found
> > > Looking into http://localhost/events/1998/1205-vatech-installfest 
> > >   http://localhost/events/1998/1205-vatech-installfest.hr.html : error 404 Not Found
> > > Looking into http://localhost/events/1998/1118-sane 
> > >   http://localhost/events/1998/1118-sane.hr.html : error 404 Not Found
> > 
> > These are the only three expos in 1998.  Should I keep them for 
> > prosperity?
> > 
> At least for now. I have to admit that I haven't looked at how the events
> are set up, but I thought we were going to set up a scheme so that there
> would be an easy way for URLs to lose their markup after an event was
> over.

We currently have something that pushes events that happen in the past
into links by year.  Events that are in the future appear on the main
page.  At first I wanted to have future events hidden as well, but after
thinking about how long it takes to plan an event our current method is
better then hiding the future.  

What do you think? 

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