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Re: bad urls in Debian pages - please check your section

> Looking into http://localhost/events/2000/0111-linworldexpo-fr.sv.html 
>   http://www.salonlinu.com/ : error 500 Can't connect to www.salonlinu.com:80 (Bad hostname 'www.salonlinu.com')


> Looking into http://localhost/events/1998/index.sv.html 
>   http://localhost/events/1998/1103-alterlinux : error 404 Not Found

Whoops. Fixed.

> Looking into http://localhost/News/weekly/1999/25/index.sv.html 
>   http://localhost/News/weekly/1999/25/index.pl.html : error 404 Not Found
[and a number of similar]
> Looking into http://localhost/News/weekly/contributing.sv.html 
>   http://localhost/News/weekly/contributing.pl.html : error 404 Not Found

I have no idea why it does that, and I can't fix it either, since it's the
'also available in' magic that does those links.

Hmmm. Now I remember, once, when Polish was added, it was erroneously
written as "english => pl" in the template files, which made wml think that
all files in the english directory was in Polish. It seems that this is a
left-over from that. But that was before the logo switch, so it shouldn't
have survived that?!?

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