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Re: Web Site Size

On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 06:27:32PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 19, 1999 at 04:24:19PM -0600, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > About 3-6meg/day depending on what you are mirroring, which means most
> > mirrors use more resources than they save ;>
> That's about what I expected. I think breaking off bugs.debian.org would
> definately be a good thing. Think about it: wouldn't having a single
> real-time updated BTS be preferable to a cluster of BTS's with up to 24h
> latency?

Do you normally use one of the mirrors?  Why not collect the opinion of
people who routinly use mirrors for browsing... which mirror do they use
and do they go back to the main site to use the BTS or stick with thier

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