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Alternative to `check_trans.pl'

I have created a bash script which keeps track of updates to source
language files, i.e. an alternative to `check_trans.pl' written by
Maulo Molaro <lupus@debian.org>.  This script contains a couple of
additional features:
  - Three different verboseness levels.  Missing target language files
    are not reported by default, because there are typically very many.
  - Missing files can be automatically copied from the source language
    directory, with a `<!--translation revision-->' tag and a teeny 
    sanity check.

I did this because 
  - check_trans.pl reported that a number of already up-to-date files
    "NeedToUpdate" (I later found that this was because I had a space
    between the revision number and the closing '-->').
  - I wanted those features described above
  - I do not know perl. :-(  Yet.

I am attaching the script, if anyone else finds it useful.  On
request, I'll also put it in CVS.


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