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Make sure that Russian (.ru) is enabled for the Debian web mirrors

A Russian translation of some of the installation documents have
been put on the web site. You should therefore enable it in
the apache config file. Also, some Polish and Norwegian pages
will be available on the web site after the next mirror run.
Those languages will already be activated if you have been
keeping up to date with my postings.

The current languages listed in the config files in
www.debian.org/etc/apache/srm.conf are:

  AddLanguage en .en
  AddLanguage fr .fr
  AddLanguage de .de
  AddLanguage da .da
  AddLanguage it .it
  AddLanguage es .es
  AddLanguage ja .ja
  AddLanguage pl .pl
  AddLanguage ko .ko
  AddLanguage hr .hr
  AddLanguage pt .pt
  AddLanguage fi .fi
  AddLanguage zh-CN .zh-cn 
  AddLanguage zh-TW .zh-tw
  AddLanguage cs .cs
  AddLanguage sv .sv
  AddLanguage no .no
  AddLanguage ru .ru

  LanguagePriority en fr de it es ja pl hr da pt fi zh-cn zh-tw cs sv ko no ru

Jay Treacy

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