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Re: Linux World Expo

> if no one objects I'm going to move the current files to linuxexpo-france
> and make new ones with the information from the linuxworldexpo website.

Are they at the same time? Or do you mean that the webpages should clearly
indicate what country they're in?

> I'm sending this to swedish because he's the only one who's done the
> translations thus far and he's the one I'm most likely to tick off by
> doing this.

Hmmm, swedish@debian.org doesn't exist[1], but I have no problems with that,
as long as the CVS log shows what you did, I can do the same...

[1] At least not AFAIK. But that might be a good idea to set up, and to have
listed as contact address somewhere somewhere next to the webmaster address:
"for comments on the tranlsation, please contact <language>@debian.org", and
making that a mailing list that goes to all the translators for that

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