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ISDN and Linux 2.2.x

To the webmasters:

  Please document the following on the page covering problems that are
  likely to occur when switching to Linux 2.2.

  The ISDN subsystem in Linux 2.2.x is the same as in 2.0.35 and thus
  needs isdnutils 2.2. (Note: ISDN in Linux 2.0.36 needed isdnutils
  3.0).  Thus when using Linux 2.2.x together with ISDN it's likely that
  you need to replace your isdnutils package with an older one.

To Paul:

  Please repackage isdnutils 2.2 as isdnutils2 2.2 or similar in order
  to support the Linux kernel 2.2.x.



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