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I have some problems when mirroring:

I do:

mistral# rsync -avz -e ssh --exclude .glbuild --exclude Lists-Archives/
--delete georgM@va.debian.org:/debian/web/debian.org /mirror2 
receiving file list ... done
wrote 47 bytes  read 614982 bytes  4315.99 bytes/sec
total size is 534214538  speedup is 868.60

- Mirror should be complete

But it isnt :(

http://www.at.debian.org/distrib/packages doesnt work f.e.

Any suggestions?
What am i doing wrong?
Am I mirroring the wrong site?

Georg Hitsch, at-net

 ---      Georg Hitsch    ---
 --- mail: georg@atnet.at ---
 --- nic:    gh231-ripe   ---
 --- web:  http://ge.org  ---

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