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link to devel/release_info

The link to devel/release_notes has been deleted from the main web
page. devel/release_notes provides information that is frequently
requested; primarily what version of the kernel and X are included
in the next (or current if appropriate) release.

Although I understand the reasoning behind removing the link, as
the person who answers most of the mail sent to webmaster, I'm
not happy it. Perhaps the information mentioned above can be added
to the release notes under releases/stable.

There really is a bigger issue here. How do users easily find
out what is (will be) available in current (future) releases?
The release-notes available with 2.1 answer most of the FAQs,
but not all. What document should be used for distributing
information on an upcoming release? Should this document
contain information on long term goals? (almost certainly yes)
Finally the clincher: who will maintain this page?

I'd like to see something that is managed by the release manager.
They should have a grasp on both where Debian is and where it
is going. The release notes included with each release can then be 
generated from the information on this page.

What do people think?

Jay Treacy

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