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DWN problem with current/issue symlink

I have a weird problem with the symlink News/weekly/current/issue that is
supposed to point to the current issue of Debian Weekly News. As of issue
#10 of DWN, it stopped getting updated, and it's been pointing to the wrong
issue since tuesday.

When I run the code locally to build the web site, it makes the correct

install -d ../../../../debian.org/News/weekly/current
rm -f ../../../../debian.org/News/weekly/current/issue
ln -sf ../1999/10 ../../../../debian.org/News/weekly/current/issue

So I don't know what's going on. Is there any way I can get a log of the
build process as it's running on va so I can see what's going wrong?

I've had probably 20 people mention they saw this was wrong, so it's
becoming imporant that I get it fixed if only to save my sanity.

see shy jo

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