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translation needed

There have been a growing number of mails to webmaster in languages
other than english. To better handle this, the contact page has
been updated to include a note that the language of Debian development
is english.

I would like to replace the text at the bottom of every page pointing
to webmaster to point to the contact page. Before doing this, I am
asking two things from the translation teams.

1. update contact.wml
I suggest you add a note, after the information about debian-user, on
subscribing to the user mailing list in your own language, if one
exists. If you would like a user mailing list for your language set
up, contact listmaster@lists.debian.org .

2. Translate the following string. I will then update the footer
myself a single time. This will prevent having all the pages regenerated
many times.

   See the Debian <a href="$(HOME)/contact">contact page</a> for
   information on contacting us.

If your translation needs to be 8 bit clean, it is safer to send it as
an attachment.

Jay Treacy

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