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Change in english templates

	Please Joey, change the english templates so the menubar.wml file
has "Noticias Semanales" instead of "Weekly News" for the item of the same
name in spanish (ES:....
	Umm... now that I look at it the files DOES have the item
translated, however, the web page in Spanish does not include it, is there
something I'm missing or did I did something wrong in the spanish templates?
Or is there someting wrong... oH! Now I see.. the menubar does NOT use the
tag <weeklynews> (line 183), instead it has

                &nbsp;<A href="$(HOME)/News/weekly/">Weekly&nbsp;News</A></BR>

	Well, please fix this :)


PD: I am trying to keep up with the translation of the WWW site into Spanish
(just translated the releases/ dir) but I have quite a lot of work and the
group I made that translated it the first time has not sent me any more
translations (specially of new dirs like SPI/ and such). I apologize since
the spanish translation is not as up to date as it should be.

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