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Problems with localized Pages


I have a problem and a concern with the localized webpages from
- Only few mirrors of www.debian.org are configured correct, so they
  give you the right pages. I get the German Pages on www.debian.org,
  www.es.debian.org and some others automaticly, but sadly not on
  www.de.debian.org, www.uk.debian.org and most of the mirrors.

- I think the Security-page /security/index.html should only be
  localized if the translators can update it often. The German and the
  Spanish version miss 3 Alerts, which means, they were not updated
  for at least a month. 

  I know that this work is done in spare time, but in the case of the
  security-page it is much better to admit if someone has no time for
  it and drop the page, so visitors will see the new english page. 

marko  -  Nordisch by Nature

 "And sanity is a full-time job in a world that is always changing"
                                            'Sanity' - Bad Religion -

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