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sponsor page

LinuxCentral has donated a booth for debian a LinuxWorld expo, and I belive
they have a history of some donations in the past - like donating CD's at
Atlanta Linux Showcase.

Anyway I was on the phone with them just now talking about LinuxWorld, and
they asked if there was any place on the debain website we could give them a
bit of acknowledgement for their help. I said I'd see if we could fit them
in the web site somewhere, but no promises. 

I've looked around the site and they are already in as a CD Vendor. But do
we have any other page we use to thank people about helping debian? And if
not shouldn't we? It seems reasonable to give Novare, Va Research, etc, some
credit for their support. We do have the little "visit the site sponsor"
link, but that's it.

see shy jo

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