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Re: Y2k Statement, let's get it going

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 08:45:54AM +1100, Craig Small wrote:
> G'day All,
>   I think it is time that the Debian Y2K statement came out from its
> hiding place and was put where all can see it.
I'm glad to see this hasn't been forgotten. I've been meaning to write to
you all month about it.

> Could everyone have a look at http://master.debian.org/~csmall/y2k.html
> and check it?  If it is ok, can JT or someone else who understands the
> CVS archive tell me where it should go?
How about webwml/english/y2k/ . The main page will be index.wml and can
link to any other pages you put in the directory.

> I know it needs some updating and also I need to make a second page that
> has all the other packages, but it looks ok for primetime now I think.
I'm pretty happy with this. Just a few suggestions:

 - I suggest the list on the main page be pruned down a bit more.

 - some important programs aren't listed: latex, apache (others can add to this list)

 - How should the kernel be listed? People will probably look under linux,
   not kernel-image-*

Jay Treacy

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