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note of imminent changes to the template files

Now that the italian translation has been converted to the new format, I
am finally able to do some more updating to the template files.

What is being done is the creation of a single template directory that all
the translations will use. The template files will include all the different
languages. This means that any changes to the template files will be seen
by all the translations immediately.

As part of this, all the 'text' is being seperated from the rest of the file.
This should make it much easier to do the initial translation and keep the
translation up to date.

Sometime in the next few days, I will update the english version of the template
files with the new version. At that time, I ask that all the translators check
the translations in the english/template/debian/* files (should be very easy).
Once you are happy with them, all you need to do to use the new templates is to
make the following changes:

change/add the following entries to webwml/<lang>/.wmlrc
  -D CHARSET=iso-8859-1
  -I ../english/template
The CHARSET should be set to whatever is appropriate and the second line replaces
'-I template' line.

  cd <your_lang> ; cp ../english/Make.dep.templ . ; cvs commit Make.dep.templ'
The changes in Make.dep.templ are simply to add dependencies for some new files in
the template directory. Actually, I just realized that the Makefiles will need to
be modified to point to ../english/template/debian/*. I'll have it worked out before
the update is made.

Edit Make.lang to have wml use 'slices' when generating every file
There are probably some Makefiles in subdirectories that will need similar changes.

Please test that your pages are being created properly by deleting all the existing
html pages, doing a 'make' or 'make install', and viewing the pages.

Note for the Japanese team: there may be issues keeping you from switching over as simply
as this due to your use of kcc. We'll have to work together on this.

Since the new template files will require all the .html files to be regenerated, I am
using this oportunity to change the name of all the html files to use the naming
convention .<lang>.html instead of the current .html.<lang>

Jay Treacy

Think of it like repaving. You suffer through a few days inconenience in order to get
rid of the potholes.

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