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Re: translation of Bug Tracking System pages

On Thu, Jan 21, 1999 at 08:12:50PM +0900, NABETANI Hidenobu wrote:
> I have translated Bug Tracking System pages in www.debian.org
> to Japanese. But, these pages don't exist under cvs tree of webwml.
> At least, the following document files can be easily added
> to "content negotiation", I think.
> Bugs/index.html
> Bugs/Reporting.html
> Bugs/Access.html
> Bugs/Developer.html
> Bugs/server-control.html
> Bugs/server-refcard.html
> Bugs/server-request.html
You need to talk to the people who run the BTS. It would be a good
idea if the top level files were put in CVS under webwml. Why
don't you write to them about this. Whoever is responsible can then
talk to us about setting this up.

Jay Treacy

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