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RE: security update url's


On 07-Jan-99 Michael Stone wrote:
> 1. wml::debian::security::fixes_link generates a link to the Packages
> section of the web site, but that area doesn't track packages in
> proposed-updates. Is there a standard way to generate a link into
> proposed-updates, or should I just include an href in the wml?
fixes_link was designed to make the connection to the page in Packages on the
web site and the Packages tree doesn't include proposed-updates.

I decided not to track proposed-updates because, supposedly, the changed 
package will soon be moved into the "real" location.  If you put a link to
proposed-updates, you'd have to watch it for the package move and then update
the page(s) accordingly.  This way, the page will be valid, if not at first,
for the longer period of time w/o have a truly broken link.  Not the best
option but the least likely to foobar the pages in the long run.

> 2. fixes_link allows you to put All into the architecture field, but the
> Packages area seems to assume i386 (and I don't see a way to select a
> different arch.) Am I missing something?

Just put the arch name...?  I don't think it's used in the url and I don't
think the packages have pages in the Packages part of the site.

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