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[David.Nowak@irisa.fr: The french translation is disastrous!]

The following was sent to webmaster. My french is not good enough
to judge the accuracy of the following, but it should be looked
into. I hope no one is insulted by his message. He could have
worded it a little better.

Jay Treacy

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Delivered-To: webmaster@debian.org
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:21:58 +0100
From: David Nowak <David.Nowak@irisa.fr>
X-Accept-Language: fr
To: webmaster@debian.org
Subject: The french translation is disastrous!


The web page http://www.fr.debian.org/intro/why_debian is very
interesting. I thank the person who translated it in french but his (or
her) french is really disastrous! I think it is bad for Debian and you
should not provide translated web page without be sure they are correct.

Best Regards,

David Nowak

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