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Re: security updates webpage

On Sun, Oct 25, 1998 at 11:11:56AM -0500, Michael Stone wrote:
> Quoting Jules Bean (jules@jellybean.co.uk):
> > Please take your offer of help over to debian-www, where we will pleased to
> > accept it :-)
> Okay, I'm here. I put a copy of what I have on
> http://www.cs.loyola.edu/~mstone/debian_security.html. I'm still not
> entirely happy with it -- for one thing, I think that reverse
> chronological order might be better -- but I figured I'd release early
> and let people take potshots at it.
Michael, Once the security pages are converted, we could probably use
some help in keeping them up to date. The person who is responsible
disappeared about two months ago, but there are rumors that they are
coming back. I'd prefer having two people share the responsibility
so we don't run into this problem again.

I took a look at the page you wrote. One thing I like is simply
presenting a few line description of the security hole. Anyone interested
in the details of security holes should be subscribed to one of the
security mailing lists.

It is important that there be an entry stating whether Debian is susceptible
to the security hole or not. Otherwise when a user doesn't find an entry for
a security problem they've heard about they can only assume that Debian hasn't
addressed the problem or doesn't know about it.

Please bear with us a little longer. We should have everything converted
by the end of the week (Darren, anything you want me to do?). Then we
can bring them up to date and think about the long term.

Jay Treacy

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