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Security pages

[I'm not on the -security-private page so responses JUST there will not get to

Well, I need some advice.  I started to overhaul the security pages based upon
the first few pages if information I saw (check out
http://www.debian.org/security/1997/index for some examples).  Then, I get to
May of 1998 and I see that the person who was (and I think wants to come back)
had changed the format.  

Origianally, the text of the alert as it came to Debian (the CERT or email or
newsgroup posting, etc) was usually included and sparce detail was given about
where to find Debianized fixes.  Then they dropped all the detail on what was
wrong but added a whole lot of information on where to find it (complete with
MdSums.  (See http://www.debian.org/security/bind.html for an example).

I'm not sure I like the results of me craming it into the origianal format that
I used (see http://master.debian.org/~gecko/bind.html for an example).  So my
question is:  How much should I change the content of what is being included. 
I'd like to see the origianal text come back and just "version numbers" in the
where the fix is.. with maybe a link to the packages page but I don't know if I
have the right to decide that since I"m doing, what amounts to be, a NMU.  I'm
not a member of the security team.

I don't want to step on anyones toes here.

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