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Re: layout of web pages

--On Sat, Oct 10, 1998 10:32 pm +0200 "Philipp Frauenfelder"
<pfrauenf@debian.org> wrote: 

> - 2.0/HOWTO.upgrade.wml: at the end, there is a short faq. It's 
> enclosed in <pre>, so the browser doesn't format the text 
> nicely. I'd prever it being formatted like this:
> <dl>
> <dt>Question:
> <dd>Here comes the question.
> <dt>Anwser:
> <dd>Here comes the answer.
> <p>
> <dt>Question:
> <dd>Here comes the second question.
> <dt>Answer:
> <dd>Here comes the answer for the second question.
> </dl>

This is a niggle, but we're professionals here.  

That's not the correct use of the <p> tag.  The <p> tag is a container for a
paragraph, as in <p>This is a short paragraph</p>.  It should not be used to
simply insert space like that.

Two possibilites are - enclose each QA pair in a <p>...</p> pair, or put
<br>s in between them (<br> is a standalone tag, not a container...).


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