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layout of web pages

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I'm participating in translating the Debian web pages to german. 
Thimo Neubauer is coordinating our work.

Firstly, the wml setup for the web pages is really great. It 
makes translating so easy and the pages fit good into the whole 
web site (content negotiation and such). Also I could grab the 
whole source from cvs and now everything runs locally. Great.

Secondly, I've encountered already two pages which don't have a 
real good layout:

- 2.0/HOWTO.upgrade.wml: at the end, there is a short faq. It's 
enclosed in <pre>, so the browser doesn't format the text 
nicely. I'd prever it being formatted like this:

<dd>Here comes the question.
<dd>Here comes the answer.
<dd>Here comes the second question.
<dd>Here comes the answer for the second question.

The questions are still separated (<p>), you can clearly 
identify the Q: and the A: part and the browser can format the 
text according to the page width (no horizontal scrolling 
anymore as with the previous solution).

- intro/cn.wml: the section describing the configuration of the 
different browsers has a strange layout: I think it'd be better 
to format text which has to be typed and exact filenames in <kbd>
 and whole lines to be inserted into a file in <pre>. For 

<DD>You can either edit the preferred_language variable in your 
.lynxrc or set it using the 'O' command while in lynx.

is the original and better would be

<DD>You can either edit the <kbd>preferred_language</kbd> 
variable in your <kbd>.lynxrc</kbd> or set it using the <kbd>
o</kbd> command while in lynx.

On the contrary the description for netscape 4.x makes to 
extensive use of <pre>:

<DT><b>netscape 4.x</b>
     Edit -> Preference -> Navigator -> Languages

is the original and better would be

<DT><b>netscape 4.x</b>
<DD>Use under<br>
<em>Edit</em> the point <em>Preferences...</em><br>
then under <br>
<em>Navigator</em> the point <em>Languages</em>

I could imagine <strong> instead of <em> too. Btw, <strong> 
should be used instead of <b>. As <b> means bold and <strong> 
means stronger emphasis than <em> (wisdom from
http://validator.w3.org/). Or was 'bold' your intention?

My proposal is to change the layout of the english pages 
according to my remarks (or to a consensus after a discussion). 
If this is too inconvenient for you I ask if I can change the 
layout of the german pages in this direction, although they 
won't fit the english layout anymore.

Thanks for hints, comments, ...


PS: for your convenience I include the patches for cn.wml and 
HOWTO.upgrade.wml with my proposed changes.

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