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Re: German pages

Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org> wrote:
> Just a small question:
> I've uploaded several german web-pages into CVS but can't reach them yet. How
> long does it take until they are available?
The repository on master is updated once a day(1) and the make is then run in
every language directory. Sometime thereafter they get mirrored.
Push mirroring really should be set up so that everything happens in an
orderly fashion(2).

If you find that the pages aren't updated on the mirrors after 2 days then
send mail to debian-www.

(1) actually, it is done right after dinstall is run on the archive so it could
be occasionally be more than once a day.

(2) With push mirroring set up there will be many fewer problems with synchronization
problems between the Packages section of the web pages and the archives. The goal
is to have updates done as follows: dinstall is run, ftp push mirroring, update
web pages, push mirror web pages. All but the push mirroring of the web pages is set

Jay Treacy

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