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forcing web retrieval to a file

One of the things that should be added to the Packages section of the web
site is the selection of the site to download files from. This is quite
easy to do using dynamically created pages (simply set the site once
and all pages after that will be generated with your chosen site as part
of the relevant URLs). Using dynamic pages would also allow selection of
packages from other ports in a very simple way. Just set the port the same
way you set the site.

The alternative is to use static pages for this. This method uses a form on
each page that uses a CGI script to redirect the request to the desired site.
The problem is that using a form doesn't allow you to tell the browser to
download the file to disk. Does anyone know of a solution?

In the past there has been a lot of resistance to having dynamically generated
pages. How would people feel if I simply set it up so we can see how well
it works (for the Packages section only)? Are the only objections to dynamic
pages related to the speed of connections for those outside North America?

Jay Treacy

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