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Spanish translation of WWW pages

	I have added to the repository (cvs add using
spanish@cvs.debian.org), the spanish webml files. There are some files that
have not been translated yet, but since the root directory and some others
have been I wanted to commit them, so spanish speakers have access to some
translation of the server, as well as to ask at debian-l10n-spanish and
debian-user-spanish, comments on the WWW pages and bug reports.

 	I have logged in to the server using the username "spanish" and the
password Jaey gave me, and I have added the files (through 'cvs add').
However, when I try to commit the files I receive the following error:

cvs server: failed to create lock directory in repository
/cvs/webwml/webwml/spanish': No such file or directory
cvs server: lock failed - giving up
cvs [server aborted]: lock failed - giving up

	I suppose this is because the directory has not been created. Now,
is this is my fault or this is why I should report to debian-www when the
pages where going to be uploaded?
	When I read the www-translate-howto I thought I hade to report in
order for *the other* languages to be up-to-date and show Spanish as a
possible language to read the pages in.

	Anyhow, I will gladly use any help here. And I would like to commit
the spanish web pages as soon as possible.

	Thanks all


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