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Re: wml and other stuff we'll need

On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Craig Small wrote:

> Will Lowe wrote:
> > I'm going to buy a copy of Larry Wall's perl book.
> > 
> > Can someone recommend a good way to learn wml?
> I'm starting to learn it too, the guy's web site has some examples but
> it is somewhat confusing.  Downloading the wml documents off the CVS
> server are also a good way of learning.

wml knowledge need for most of debian's pages is minimal.  Learn as you go
along..  For starters, install wml on one of your own machines, and read
the man pages wml_intro and wml_tutorial.
> I thought wml was pretty neat.  So good in fact that I'm thinking of
> converting my home site to it.  My biggest issue is how well it integrates
> with perl CGI's; I may have to convert them to php first.

wml is very cool.  It doesn't use php, though - it uses ePerl.

It is not incompatible with CGI, just a different approach.  You can mix
the two.  Although you may want to consider some other approach - SSI,
maybe, or php as you say..  Remember that wml is 'compile-time', and
produces static pages, in general.  As distinct from php, which is dynamic
pages (ePerl can be used this way too, as can EmbPerl, and mod_perl, and
SSI, and....)


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