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Re: www.uk.debian.org


I've upgraded open.hands.com to hamm, and it _seems_ to be working OK, so it 
should be ready to go as a mirror now.

Just a couple of questions:

  How can I tell if I've got content negotiation enabled (or is it on by 
  default in the debian apache's) ?

  Does it matter that this mirror is a Name Only Virtual Host ?  I've only got 
  one IP address I can use on open.hands.com, so there are several domains 
  sharing the one IP.

Other than that, I think its ready to go as www.uk.debian.org.

I'd appreciate it if a few of you would look round it to check that it's
setup OK.

The only odd thing I've done, is set up a Redirect for /Lists-Archives to
point it back to www.debian.org/Lists-Archive/  because I'm not going to
mirror the archives until I get the chance to stick another hard disk in
the machine.

Cheers, Phil.

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