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Re: Master

> > /web/debian.org-RCS/Documentation.old/texi/elisp/RCS/elisp_10.html,v
> > /web/debian.org-RCS/Documentation.old/texi/elisp/RCS/elisp_4.html,v
> That's a problem.
These aren't a problem at all. Those files were a few years old and
were for things that aren't even on the web site anymore.

> These are no problems, just send a note to the bugs and the .html
> files will be re-generated.  Or install the files I send you in
> another mail.
> > /web/debian.org-local/Bugs/db/21/21216-b.html
> > /web/debian.org-local/Bugs/db/21/21237-b.html
Mail was sent to Ian last night about these. If it is true that they
can be recreated, then we should restart mirroring of the web now.

Jason, since the fom isn't mirrored to ftp1.debian.org, we should
move the DNS back as soon as you feel va is stable.

Jay Treacy

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