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Re: Web Pages


> rsync with a -n (or --dry-run) option will tell you which files it would
> copy, delete etc. without actually touching anything.
> Here's a command line that would do the trick for my machine:
>   rsync --dry-run -rlpt --delete --exclude sponsor.html -e ssh \
>    va.debian.org:/usr/debian/web/debian.org/ /var/www/virtual/debian.org/
> you can play with the l,p, and t options depending what you want to check.
> you might also want to use --checksum to force it to checksum every file
I am mirroring with mirror.pl , because I think the rsync-program is not
working ok.

But: Why has the mailing-list to be mirrored?

In my opinion, the mailinglist should be left on www.debian.org or an
other server (because in my case noone has ever accessed the

Georg Hitsch (at.debian.org)

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