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Re: HTTP mirrors

> How is the attempt at getting http enabled archive mirrors doing? At the
> moment I know of
>  ftp.de.debian.org
>  llug.sep.bnl.gov
>  ftp1.us.debian.org
>  ftp.kernel.org
>  ftp.cdrom.com
> Can we get more, esp nice would be ftp.debian.org .. Anyone want to manage
> a list of these?
I've already talked with the maintainer of the mirror list, Karl Ferguson
<karl@tower.net.au> to see if we can coordinate a single definitive list
of mirrors (ftp, non-us ftp and http). Ideally this list would also be
available with html markup.

Karl is not adverse to this. In fact he mentioned that he is already doing
some of it (I'm in a rush and don't have time to check what he's done).
I'm sure he wouldn't mind some help on this.

It would be much appreciated if someone were to actively work on getting
more mirrors to also serve the docs using http.

- Jay

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