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Re: Mirroing - Troubles

> On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Georg Hitsch wrote:
> > How can i do it, that he doesnt ask me for password?
> > (i have tried it with .shosts and .rhosts - but it doesnt work, he still
> > asks for a password...)
> YourMachine$ ssh-keygen
> <use a blank passphrase>
> YourMachine$ scp .ssh/identity.pub va:~/.ssh/authorized_keys
> Remove .shosts and .rhosts, they are not secure. This allows access to
> va machine based on the pivate end of the large cryptographic key which
> you keep.

I have tried it - on my own machines this does work - but not on
va.debian.org ..

planet:[georg] #scp /home/georg/.ssh/identity.pub
georgM's password: 
planet:[georg] # ssh -l georgM va.debian.org
georgM's password: 
Permission denied.
planet:[georg] #

.shosts and .rhosts does not work on va, too...

Anyone mirroring from va?


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