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Re: Mirroing - Troubles


> > I d like to mirror the Web-Site, but if I mirror the debian.org-local -
> > Tree, my mirror.pl gets crazy, because it tooks > 128 MB ...
> > 
> > How do other mirror this tree - which program?
> rsync was recommended to me and I've had no troubles with it at all.
> I have this in my crontab
> rsync -avz -e ssh --delete andrew@master.debian.org:/debian2/web/debian.org-local
>  /var/spool/web/debian > /var/log/mirror/debian.org-local 2>&1
> You need an account on master to mirror from master using rsync though.
I am mirroring from va.debian.org ...

Mirroring is now completed (manually) - i would like to have setuped it,
that it gets his updates automatically via rsnyc - but if i login on
va.debian.org with rsync it wants my password and i have to type it in

How can i do it, that he doesnt ask me for password?
(i have tried it with .shosts and .rhosts - but it doesnt work, he still
asks for a password...)

Url for my mirror is now 
ftp://debian.atnet.at and 

- please have a look if it is complete...


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