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Re: content negotiation for language in web pages

On Thu, Jan 29, 1998 at 02:23:20PM -0500, James A.Treacy wrote:
> > > 3. Similar to 2, but each language references the pages in its language,
> > >    e.g. index.html.de would reference vendors.html.de . At the main
> > >    page the user would get a language (either by content negotiation
> > >    or by explicitly choosing the language by using one of the cross-links)
> > >    and all links followed after that would be in that language.
> > >    Someone jumping into a different page would have no idea other languages
> > >    existed.

	Hmm.. I still dislike the links referring .html.de,
	but content negotiation does suck.. (not the idea, the

	If you do use links to .html.<lang>, the mirrors will
	obtain those, and will not have .html -files. If a user
	passes the url (by paper?) to another and makes a mistake,
	or they assume "it's the usual" and type in an url with
	.html, or use and url ending with /, they'll get an error.

	My proposal is this:

	Make all english pages have links with .html, all other language
	pages .html.<lang>. Make each page have a footer with links to .html
	.html.en .html.fr .html.de

	That way, mirrors will pick up all the .html.<lang>s
	and _also_ .html (the English version).

	1. If a user references .html.<lang>, all will work as planned.

	2. If he references .html, and the mirror does content-negotiation,
	he will get the language he wants (and if that is not English he
	will thereafter use the .html.<lang> links).

	3. If he references .html, and the mirror does _not_ do negotiation,
	he will get english with links on the bottom. He will click the
	language he wants, see number 1.
	4. If he references a directory, see #2 or #3.

	It looks nice, and non-negotiating servers will still understand
	index.html. And negotiating servers will serve the language you ask,
	or default to English (.html).

	I don't see _any_ cons, as I don't consider the minor waste of disk
	space alarming.

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