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Re: TODO list for web pages

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, James A. Treacy wrote:

> Chad Zimmerman wrote:
> > >  - get the entire pages indexed for searching. Anyone want
> > >    to volunteer to work on this? Verisim is currently doing
> > >    the entire site. Nothing against Verisim. I'd just prefer
> > >    something under our control. Free would be preferable too.
> > >    Guy and I have used htdig and glimpse, but they have some
> > >    annoying limitations.
> > 
> > I can help in this area.  I have set up 3 different search engines there
> > are 2 that I recomend using that I have worked with before.  One is
> > completly free, the other is free, but you just don't get the tech support
> > that you would get if you buy it.
> > 
> Which programs?
> - Jay

Yea.. forget them, sorry .. was in a hurry for my Analog Circuts class.

I have set up the EWS search engine from excite and a modified version of
the SWISH search engine.  The output is better in EWS, but configuration
is time consuming, SWISH is easier to handle (since I actually have all
the files for it) but the output isn't that glorified.

EWS: http://www.nmsu.edu/nmsusearch.html
SWISH: http://dabcc-www.nmsu.edu/Server/search.html

The EWS engine now has a linux port, I have a copy of it, but just havn't
had time to use it yet.  SWISH doesn't matter what version of UNI* it is



Chad D. Zimmerman				    chad@dabcc-www.nmsu.edu
Southwest Technology Development Institute
New Mexico State University
HP: http://dabcc-www.nmsu.edu/~chad/
DBP: http://dabcc-www.nmsu.edu/~chad/Debian/
SWAO: http://desertwinds.multipleimage.com/

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