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Re: check out Captain Blue-Eye

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, James A.Treacy wrote:

> The web pages should all be utilizing Captain Blue-Eye
> in a reasonably good way right now. The changes ended
> up occurring sooner than I'd hoped so I had to rush.
> I'm pretty sure all the major problems are fixed, but
> I'd appreciate it if people could thoroughly look
> through the pages and report any problems here
> or to webmaster@debian.org by tonight so I can fix them.

The new pages look great!

> Sue and I are leaving Sunday for 10 days on the usual
> 1000 mile (1500km) Christmas tour of the eastern
> seaboard. The first order of business in the new year
> will be to get the logo page up and running.
> Christian (Schwarz), will you be able to keep an eye and answer
> any garbagemail sent to webmaster?

Sure! However, I'll be offline from Dec 28 to Jan 1 too. If this is no
problem, just add my address (schwarz@monet.m.isar.de) to the webmaster
list again. 


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