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Fwd: Re: Who's root on Master?

Could you please mention this on the web pages, e.g.
on http://www.de.debian.org/maintainer_contacts.html

The mentioned alias contains: bruce, klee, guy, mark, james, jay, miguel and myself.



-----Forwarded message from macan@cfd.unimed.com.br (Eduardo Marcel Macan)-----

Martin Schulze wrote:
> Eduardo Marcel Macan writes:
> > Hello, I need to have my password changed in master, who is in
> > charge of maintaining the user accounts there?
> I finally got debian-admin@debian.org working.  This alias will
> forward mail to the others who have root access to the machines.
> Thanks,
>         Joey

	Thanks Joey, I have looked for this in the Contacts section
of the web pages but it was not there... I think it is an important
thing to be included in the "Contacts" Section...

				Thank you again...
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