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Re: proposed changes to Debian web pages

Here's some feedback/corrections:


 * Ian Murdock started Debian.  Ian Jackson wrote dpkg + the bug system.
      (Suggetion: get Ian #1 to write a little history blurb)

 * I would link to www.kernel.org for the kernel information (that's
   Linus's web site).  Wired had a nice article that might be interesting
   to link to also.


 Here's a new point I would add to the "pro" section:

 * Humungous base of source-code.  If you are a serious software
   developer, you will appreciate the fact that there are hundreds
   of development tools and languages, plus over xx.x million
   lines of source code in the base system.  All of the software
   in the main distribution meets the criteria of the Debian Free
   Software Guidelines (the DFSG).  This means that you can freely
   use this code to study from, or to incorporate into new free 
   software projects.  There is also plenty of tools and code
   suitable for use in proprietary software.

 For the "con" section:

 * Not all hardware is supported.  Particularily, really new,
   really old, or really rare hardware.  Or hardware that is dependent 
   on complex "driver" software that the manufacturer only supplies for
   Windows platforms (WinModems for example).  However, in most cases,
   equivalent hardware is available that does work with Linux.


 * Need a link to the Japanese language version of Debian (Debian-JP):

   www.debian.linux.or.jp  (different from www.jp.debian.org)

maintainer_contacts.html:  (this is excellent!)

 * I don't think the board of directors we elected is active
   anymore.  Here's what Bruce wrote on debian-policy:

| Currently, there is a New Your State charitable non-profit corporation
| with the minimum number of directors necessary, which were myself, Ian
| Murdock (creator of Debian) and Tim Sailer (the treasurer). One of the
| reasons it's in N.Y. is that Tim was able to get us discounted but
| high-quality legal services there. You can probably get the corporation's
| information from the Secretary of State in New York, where this is public
| record, the by-laws are the minimum necessary to get a corporation approved
| in the state. I can get them on-line for you eventually.
| We had more organization, but the developers _really_ didn't like it.
| So I went with the minimum necessary that would let us handle donations
| and grants effectively.
|	Bruce

 * Maybe link to a list of Debian-JP developers.  I don't know where one
   is - except maybe extracted from their Maintainers file:


That's all I can think of for now.


 - Jim

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