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Re: organization of Packages/... dirs on the web pages

> Starting with hamm, non-free and contrib have the same structure as the
> main release. Currently in http://www.debian.org/debian.org/packages.html
> unstable is shown in three different links - one for each distribution.
> It is possible for them to be combined into one directory tree with
> for example, the Packages/unstable/Libraries directory having the unstable
> packages from all 3 distributions together.

It would be nicer to have them on the same page.  There would be less 
pages overall, so it would be nicer to browse.

But they should be grouped into "main", "contrib", and "non-free"
sections.  And there should be a clear division between them.  Perhaps
even a disclaimer between the sections stating that "contrib" and
"non-free" are not part of Debian -- we just provide them as a 


 - Jim

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