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Re: dame_gender

No, no, no. You’re looking for a woman’s free labor for an inherently, irreparably sexist and transphobic project.

Let me reiterate and expand on my earlier statement: this tool does not account for gender nonconforming individuals, and erases trans people who are closeted. This will not help tech’s diversity problem, this will only perpetuate it. 

The only useful data to be gathered from contributors’ names are the contributors’ names. 

You cannot tell someone’s gender by their name. 

Before continuing with this project, I recommend you do more research on the topic of gender. There are many existing writings on this topic from transgender and gender noncomforming people, just waiting for you to learn and grow from them. 

Please remove me from future replies. 


On Apr 3, 2020, at 2:02 AM, David Arroyo Menéndez <davidam@gmail.com> wrote:

Wishing improve in gender equity in the internal of the project, I want request collaboration (not remunerated) of a woman to generate a Docker virtual machine for Damegender. It was a pull request done by a Python Barcelona member, but it's not maintained.

For more information about Damegender:

El dom., 30 dic. 2018 a las 20:13, Daniel Barrientos M. (<dbarrientos@protonmail.com>) escribió:
Then it's a sex identifier more than a gender identifier.

I speak spanish. If I can help you with anything (non-technical), send me an e-mail.

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On 30 de diciembre de 2018 4:05 p. m., David Arroyo Menendez < davidam@gnu.org> escribió:

To measure the discrimination of women from a quantitative point of view,
we need determine if the commiter is a female or not. So, you can count
pull request accepted, percentages of women in free software projects,


Ana Valdés <agora158@gmail.com> writes:

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> My thought was just the same why develop a software aimed to identify
> gender when gender is ending to be a classifiable cathegory? We are
> developing towards a “genderless” society seeing as gender is being
> flexible and a matter of choice.
> Ana
> lör 29 dec. 2018 kl. 22:46 skrev David Arroyo Menendez <davidam@gnu.org>:
>> "J.M. Faer" <hello@jmf.codes> writes:
>> > What’s the point of this? This excludes non-binary, agender, and other
>> gender non-conforming individuals. It just doesn’t seem like very useful
>> data.
>> >
>> Yes, the current state of development is so. I've plans to give a
>> probability by gender, for instance, from national statistics such as
>> INE.es
>> Thanks for the feedback.
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