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Re: dame_gender

Wishing improve in gender equity in the internal of the project, I want request collaboration (not remunerated) of a woman to generate a Docker virtual machine for Damegender. It was a pull request done by a Python Barcelona member, but it's not maintained.

For more information about Damegender:
+ http://www.damegender.net
+ https://github.com/davidam/damegender
+ https://pypi.org/project/damegender/

El dom., 30 dic. 2018 a las 20:13, Daniel Barrientos M. (<dbarrientos@protonmail.com>) escribió:
Then it's a sex identifier more than a gender identifier.

I speak spanish. If I can help you with anything (non-technical), send me an e-mail.

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On 30 de diciembre de 2018 4:05 p. m., David Arroyo Menendez < davidam@gnu.org> escribió:

To measure the discrimination of women from a quantitative point of view,
we need determine if the commiter is a female or not. So, you can count
pull request accepted, percentages of women in free software projects,


Ana Valdés <agora158@gmail.com> writes:

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> My thought was just the same why develop a software aimed to identify
> gender when gender is ending to be a classifiable cathegory? We are
> developing towards a “genderless” society seeing as gender is being
> flexible and a matter of choice.
> Ana
> lör 29 dec. 2018 kl. 22:46 skrev David Arroyo Menendez <davidam@gnu.org>:
>> "J.M. Faer" <hello@jmf.codes> writes:
>> > What’s the point of this? This excludes non-binary, agender, and other
>> gender non-conforming individuals. It just doesn’t seem like very useful
>> data.
>> >
>> Yes, the current state of development is so. I've plans to give a
>> probability by gender, for instance, from national statistics such as
>> INE.es
>> Thanks for the feedback.
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