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Short time research position available

Dear friends,

My name is Karolina Kalic, I'm a PhD student at Aristotle University,
Thessaloniki, Greece. Some of you may know me from Debian community,
but I must admit that I haven't been active for a while. I just follow
what is happening, at the moment life took me to the different path.

I would like to ask you for your help. In my PhD studies I am in a
need of a good programmer. I am working on a device that is taking
videos with three cameras. Cameras are monitoring the change in
droplet shape during rotation. I will extract frames from this videos
and do image analysis. I need somebody to make me a software to make
image analysis more automatic and precise. I am attaching sample
images. This is just first samples, I hope to have better images in
the future. From this images I need to measure contact angle of a drop
with a surface and also the contact area.

This is a paid position for a six months of work. Relocation to
Thessaloniki, Greece is required, at least for some moths, if it's not
possible for all six. If there is somebody interested, please write to
my email: karolinak@chem.auth.gr and I will be glad to give you more

Please forward this email to anybody who you think would be interested
or any other appropriate Debian mailing list.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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