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Re: Re: Claims of racism and sexism in Supertuxkart 0.9 on Debian mailing lists

Hi. I subscribe to this list, but am actually not involved in Debian development in any way. 
I thought I would add an outside point of view of Sara. I looked at all the images posted.

Sara is not anorexic, and more closely resembles the real physical build of a young teen -like my 13 year old granddaughter- than anything I have ever seen in a game. The only reasons I can see for her always appearing in a bikini are code reuse and male gaze, but even that male gaze can serve a game purpose. In one image she could be distraction enough to miss the gift box you need to drive through. Yes, she is being used as eye candy, but from what I have read in this discussion she is not gratuitous eye candy. She is a playable character as well, and as that character she is far more relatable to an average female than, say, Lara Croft. I would need to see video to truly decide if she is sexualized, but I suspect she is not, based on her appearance. She lacks the improbably large and perky breasts of that type of character. 

How many playable human male characters are there?

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